Workin’ On My Fitness

New Year, New Me right? No. More like New Year, BETTER Me. I dont need a New Me, I’m still pretty good. I need to work on myself. I’m always a work in progress.

One of my many goals for this year was to work on my fitness, I want to be healthier. I’ve set some boundaries though. One of them is no looking at the scale. Yup you read that right. I’m not looking at the scale. Instead I’m basing my progress off of pictures and how I feel. Crazy right. I thought so too, but I hate that feeling after working out and eating right for a month and then stepping on the scale to find you either haven’t lost weight or worse you gained. You feel helpless and then stop doing what you were doing because it obviously wasn’t doing anything. Ugh so frustrating right? I’ve been there and done that.

Another thing I’m doing different is not dieting. What? That’s right not dieting. Diets only end in failure. Why? Because a diet is a short term thing. I am slowly making lifestyle changes. Like no more pop. (Sad Face!) I love me some Pepsi or Dr. Pepper. But it’s not good for your body so I said bye bye. My biggest struggle is snacking. I am the snack queen! Chocolate covered pretzels, Cheetos, M&Ms…need I go on? And to top it all off, I am a picky eater. Sounds like a recipe for disaster right? Well not exactly. I mean it could be. I could give up and say well it was just meant to be this way. But I refuse to give up.

And now because I started a blog, I’m about to open up my whole life to you guys. I’m sharing my first fitness picture. I’m super nervous about sharing this picture with the world but I told y’all I was going to be real. And this is real. Two kids, two C-sections and this is the body I am left with. And I love my body. I love it for all it’s done. I am ready to take control of my body and be healthier (not skinny) so I can keep up with my girls.

This is NOT my before picture. Nope. This is just the first of many fitness pictures. I am not going to compare myself to a photo and you shouldn’t either.


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