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My Workout: Dance Fittness with Jessica

So I talked a little bit about one of my goals for the year, getting into better shape. Now I want to share how I am going to accomplish that. Enter Dance Fitness with Jessica. Before I get going I’ll let you know, I am not getting paid to write this. I get nothing from writing this. I just love it therefore I’m sharing it with you.

I have tried sooo many different workouts. Insanity, Beachbody, a few I found on Pinterest and looked into joining a gym. But none of them stuck. I started with great intentions but never stuck with anything. But Dance Fitness with Jessica is something I always come back to. And now have been doing more regularly. Why? It’s fun. I am addicted to doing these dances. Yup. I dance as my workout. And my girls get a kick out of it and dance with me.

I first started doing her dances on YouTube and made my own playlist of songs to dance to. Now I am signed up for her live stream. Which I think is better because I do whatever dances they do and work different muscles than I am used to. Win-win.

She also sells work out tanks, like the one I was wearing in my first fitness picture in my post Workin on My Fitness. Here is a picture of the two I have.

I also have her Women’s Time Release Whey Protien and her Women’s 4 in 1 Kick start. These are newer products of hers that I just started using.

And of course here is a YouTube video of one of her dances for you to check out.

Again, I’m not paid or anything to write this. I’m just sharing something I love.


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