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My Favorite Pets are Pitbulls

I have two adorable Pitbulls. We rescued them for animal shelters in Wyoming when we lived there. They are the sweetest dogs in the world. I know that Pitbulls have a bad reputation as being dangerous. I get it. But mine, even as rescues, have never acted in anyway dangerous towards me, my husband or my girls.

We rescued Saleen in 2012. I didn’t even think twice about adopting her because of her breed. She was about 2 or so when we got her. She was in the animal shelter due to her previous owners not wanting her any more because she kept escaping from their yard. In our almost six years of having her we never had any issue of her even trying to escape. In fact we could take her out our front door to our car and back with no leash.

In 2013 we rescued Sapphire. My husband was looking at a rescue site that was in Douglas, WY. Word to the wise do not look at dogs if you aren’t ready to bring them home. I saw Sapphire’s picture and was instantly in love. I knew I had to bring her home. We went through a home check and brought Saleen down to Douglas to meet Sapphire to make sure they were a good fit and would get along. And they did. We took Sapphire home that day.

Now Sapphire’s story is different. She was a lot younger, I think 1 year so. She was involved in a car crash with her owner and was ejected the windshield. Her owner unfortunately didn’t make it. Because of this she was extremely skidish around everyone. The car ride from Douglas to Rawlins was pretty uneventful besides her getting sick. It took her a lot more time to completely warm up to us, but she did.

In 2014 we got pregnant with our first baby. With that came the comments that we should probably get rid of the dogs before we had our baby. I dont know if that was because they were Pitbulls or because they were just dogs. We obviously didn’t get rid of them, because they are also members of our family.

It just goes to show that you should never judge the dog by the breed. Yes there are some Pitbulls that are out there that have been abused that are super aggressive, but that doesn’t mean that they ALL are like that.

Here are a couple pictures of my cuties together. 😍


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