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My Favorite TV Shows

If your anything like me once you finish a show you start looking for another one to watch. If you’ve been looking for another show this post might help you.

This first list of shows are on Netflix. And these are in no order. I like all of them the same.

1. Friends


Of course I couldn’t list my favorite shows without having Friends be on it. Who doesnt love Friends??

2. The Office


If you haven’t watched The Office I highly recommend it. I started and stopped this one a few times. The first couple episodes are slow (at least they were for me) but it is an absolutely hilarious show.

3. Parks and Recreation


This is another slow start but hilarious show! I heart me some Ron Swanson.

4. Stranger Things


I am more than a little surprised that I ended up liking this show because its not like other shows I like. But I got way into it and it didn’t take me long to finish it.

5. Jane the Virgin


This show is hilarious. Every cliche thing from Daily Drama shows rolled into one. Get past the title and watch it.

6. Fuller House


If you liked Full House, you will also like Fuller House. It is corny and silly but I loved it.

7. American Horror Story


I like horror, and I loved American Horror Story. Every season is the start of a new story.

8. Schitt’s Creek


This show is funny, a rich family loses their money and ends up in a small town they bought as a prank.

This next list is shows from Hulu. Again in no particular order.

1. Scrubs


This is an oldie but goodie. You can’t go wrong with this comedy/drama.

2. The Mindy Project


This is one of my favorite shows, like favorite favorite. You haven’t hear of of it? Exsqueeze me? Get on Hulu and watch it!

3. American Housewife


I love this show because it shows some of the realities of being a mom and a wife. Plus it’s hilarious.

4. The Last Man on Earth


Ever wonder what it would be like if there were no one else left on earth? Check out this show for a humorous look at what it might be like.

5. The Good Place


I absolutely loved the first season of this show, the second season isn’t as great but still good. Very funny.

6. Superstore


This is a funny show about employees who work together in a store.

7. This Is Us


I LOVE this show. It shows real life. Warning: You will cry, just accept it.

8. Brooklyn Nine-Nine


My husband and I just started watching this one. It is hilarious!

Those are only some of my favorite shows, as my list is always growing and I’m sure there are some I forgot (mom brain).

What are your favorite T.V. Shows?


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