Mom Guilt

Mom Guilt: The Toddler Leash

I never thought I would ever need to use a toddler leash. I thought they were unnecessary if you just controlled your child. Hahahahaha That statement was obviously before I had children. Because as a Mother I know you can’t control your children. I mean you can to a point but once they are a toddler they have their own ideas and wants.

We bought these toddler leashes for both girls for when we go to big places like the zoo and aquarium. Well we haven’t used them. For a few reasons. One being that we forgot them at home, the second being I was afraid of being judged.

That all changed the other day. I was picking my oldest up from preschool and my youngest decided she was done with holding hands. The walk in was fine she stayed right by my side no problem. However on the way out she ran away from me into the parking lot, and before I could even get to her she ran out in front of a van. Luckily they were paying attention and stopped and it scared her enough to stop and head back towards me.

That scared me so bad and made me feel like such a bad mom. I came home and got out the toddler leash and have plan on using it on my youngest everytime I take my oldest to school by myself. I don’t care if I get stares or crazy looks. My daughter loves the independence and I am keeping my child safe and that is all that matters to me.


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