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Nursery Helps

I am a Nursery Leader in my ward. I haven’t been one for long, but I love it. I got to be in Nursery with both my daughter’s. My oldest is now a Sunbeam and my youngest is still in Nursery. In my church Nursery if for kids aged 18 months to 3 years old.

I love doing craft type things and I have done a few for Nursery. So I decided to share them with you. I got the images that I printed from MelonheadzClipArt on Etsy.

I printed these off on cardstock and then laminated them. We use them for snack. Each kid gets one as a placemat and we wipe them off afterwards. I made these because the ones we were using were really old and mismatched. Now they all match and go with the Primary theme for the year.

There are three of us in Nursery so we each take turns teaching the lesson and doing singing time. Since the kids are so young we like to involve them in picking the songs we sing. I came up with an idea to write songs on cards for them to pick from. On one side is I am a Child of God which is the same on all of them and then on the back of them are different songs.

These are only a couple of the things I have done, they were too cute not to share.


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