Avoiding Grocery Shopping Chaos

I used to hate grocery shopping. Literally. Grocery shopping with two kids is no fun. It usually starts off good. Everyone is in a good mood, your crossing things off the list pretty fast. Then tantrums start. Either they are hungry (even though they just ate), they are sleepy, you said no to getting a snack or said no to them walking because they run away. More times than I’d like to admit I leave the store with only have half my items or worse I leave completely empty handed. It is so frustrating. Me and my husband even started having my parents watch the girls and our “date” would be going to the grocery store by ourselves. I don’t know about you but I’d rather go to a movie as a date, not to the store.

Enter Wal-Mart Grocery. I am going to add: I am not getting paid by anyone to write this. I’m just passing on some helpful information.

This little app is such a big lifesaver for me. Install the app and sign in to your Wal-Mart account. Once your in you find a store close to you that has grocery pick up available. Then reserve your time to pick up, it’s usually the next day.

Then the easy part. You go through each department and add the items you need to your cart. I love this part because I get only what’s on my list and nothing else. I love that during the week once I realize we need something I can add it to my list so I don’t forget anything. There is a $30 limit, but if you are doing your weekly shopping trip it’s probably going to be over $30, it is for my family anyway. You’ll get an email and text (if you opt in to receiving texts) when your order is ready to be picked up. Then you can either check in with the app or call when you get there.

Your store will have a special spot for you to park that is marked just for grocery pick up. Then you just wait. They bring your groceries to your car! You don’t have to get your kids out of the car at all. Bonus!

I love using the Wal-Mart Grocery. So far vegetables, fruit and meat picks have been good. We have had a few problems where something isn’t in stock so we didn’t get it, which sometimes altered our weekly menu. Another thing make sure to check to see that you get everything you paid for. A couple of times we had to call and tell them we didn’t get something we were charged for and they refunded us. But that has only happened once. Overall it has been a huge time and sanity saver.


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