The Best Advice I’ve Recieved

This is a list of some of the best advice I’ve recieved and why I think it was one of the best. I already know that some of my favorites may not be popular as being the best, but hear me out. These aren’t in any particular order, just as I thought of them.

Sleep When the Baby Sleeps

There are mom’s all over the world rolling their eyes right now. I know this advice is over given and a lot will say it isn’t practical. But this is my favorite for right after birth. Your body goes through so much to bring a baby into this world and needs to recover afterwards. I know a lot of women tend to think of how anything will get done around the house. But in my experience having your mom or mother-in-law or who ever to come help you during the first few weeks makes it easier. Yes your house won’t be super clean, laundry won’t get done right away (or won’t get folded and put away right away) but you just brought a baby into the world. I think it’s ok to slack a little especially while your body heals.

Give it to God and Go to Bed

This has helped me with sleep. I am a big worrier. That worrying can keep me up at night, especially when it’s something I can’t control (So probably 90% of it). I can’t remember where I heard this advice but I love it. If I find myself worrying excessively, I say a prayer and tell Hevenly Father my worries. It helps me then clear my mind for the night so I can sleep.

Enjoy it while it lasts, They grow so fast

This is advice that I didn’t like, until I understood it. When I was pregnant with my first and people would tell me to enjoy being a mom because they grew fast it annoyed me. I didn’t understand that not every moment of motherhood is enjoyable and how fast they change and grow. Now that I have two kids I get it. I try to enjoy more moments and soak up these moments while they are little.

It’s Gonna Be Okay

I mentioned that I worry a lot. Have you ever heard the Piano Guys song It’s Gonna Be Okay? If not, go to YouTube and listen to it. I’ll wait. Now that you’ve heard that inspirational song, now you get why I love this advice. It might not turn out how I want it to but it will be OK. My husband also tells me that everything is going to be OK. He doesn’t worry as much as I do, and if he does he hides it better than I can.

I know I’ve recieved a lot more good advice in my lifetime but my mom brain isn’t letting me remember them all haha. What is some of the best advice you’ve recieved?


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