Office Supply Obsession

I have a slight obsession for office supplies. Ok, ok a HUGE obsession with office supplies. I don’t know why, but I love everything that has to do with office supplies. I’ve been obsessed since I can remember, my mom can vouch for that. Notebooks, Binders, Pens, Folders you name it and I’ve got it. I’ve got so much in fact that there is no way I could possibly ever use it all.

Most girls want to go to Ulta Beauty, I personally have never been to one. I would much rather go into Staples, Office Max, Office Depot or the Office Supply section of ANY Store. It’s dangerous you guys. I can drop major money on Office Supplies like other girls drop money on makeup or clothes.

My favorite shopping is Back to School shopping, not for clothes but because that is when stores like Wal-Mart or Target have extra school and office supplies. I remember shopping with my mom and picking out notebooks and she would question whether I really needed them because of all the notebooks I had at home. I also have those “special” notebooks that I haven’t ever written anything in because I was saving them for something special. As I’m writing this I realize how much of a dork I am for all of this, but I don’t care I love it!

My husband has come home from work before and asked if we had a notebook or a folder and immediately answers himself by saying “Of course we do, I forgot who I was asking.”


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