My Wild Child

I always thought that if someone’s child was acting bad or was not listening it was because the parents weren’t doing a good job. Let’s take a moment to laugh at my pre-mom thought.

My first was and always has been pretty good. I mean she has her moments but not anything too crazy. Enter my second child.

This girl has to figure everything out. I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing, more of a safety thing. For instance we put locks on our cabinet doors to keep the kids out of the cleaning stuff. My first would realize it’s locked and move on. My second realised it was locked and decided she had to figure out how to open it. Which she did. She found if she shaked the cabinet long enough it would pop open. The other day she took the handle off of our entertainment system. I have no idea how she did but she did. She is so smart, but at the same time gives me gray hairs.

She is also my biter, pincher and hitter. I never had to deal with my first biting or pinching. The hitting, yes. But biting? Nope. The puzzling thing to me about her biting is that it’s not only when she’s mad. If she gets too excited she bites. I don’t get it.

Me and My Wild Child

She is also my runner. I don’t mean every once in a while she gets excited and runs. One time my oldest did that. I chased her across the store. No, with my wild child she will take any opportunity to run. Standing by the van as I take her jacket off, she runs. Which is why I take it off with her standing in the van now. I took my hand off her hand to sign her sister out of school, she runs. Which is why she now has a leash.

I don’t write this post to show off how crazy my life with my wild child is, or to show how smart she is. I wrote this so that if you have a wild child you know there are more out there. And you might also be thinking…This is nothing compared to my child. I get it. No wild child is the same. They are all wild in their own way.


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