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Mormon Mom Planner

I love my Mormon Mom Planner. I’ve tried quite a few planners but either didn’t like the way it was laid out or they didn’t have enough room for everything I wanted. I heard about the Mormon Mom Planner on Facebook. I looked through some of the pictures online and read some of the reviews. I can’t tell you how much money I’ve wasted on planners that I didn’t like. I took the leap and preordered one for 2018. It took a while to get here which was fine because I ordered it in October I believe. I’m going to show you some of my favorite parts about this planner and why I’ll be ordering it again next year.

First off they have several covers for you to pick from. I chose the watercolor temple one.

In the front of the planner there is a space for birthdays and anniversaries. A place to put your favorite things. A place for contacts including a separate place for all your healthcare information. And my favorite place a tracker for Visiting Teaching! You can put each ladies information in as well as notes and then you just mark off the month once you have visited with them.

I absolutely love the monthly tabs. One planner I got didn’t have them and it made it so hard to find where I was. At the beginning of each month there is a quote, which I think helps set the tone for the month. Here is an example for April.

And then right after that is a page for setting goals for the month on strengthening your relationship with Hevenly Father, your spouse, kids and Family.

Towards the end of the month before the next months tab, there is a section for planning out Family Home Evening and Family Council for the month. It also has a couple pages for Sunday. For writing notes and it has a run down of Lessons for Relief Society and Priesthood.

Another favorite is for Holidays like Easter, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving ect. In that month there is an extra planning page. I love to plan so this is extra helpful for me.

I wish I could take pictures of the whole thing and post it, but that would take a while and I just don’t have the time to. I do suggest you check out their website, because they have a ton of other cool things. You can check them out here.


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