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Mom Guilt: Rough Mommy Moments

Oh my. As I write this my girls are drinking their milk, happy. It’s almost bedtime. But let me tell you, before this moment, there was a rough moment. A heart wrenching painful moment.

Our day went pretty good, no major problems. But then dinner happened. And was it ever a doozy. First the girls were eating. Then my youngest pooped and insisted on being changed right away. So I changed her. Then she sat on a chair by big sis instead of back in her high chair…no biggie right? I mean she was almost done with her dinner. Well big problem. Because then big sis started to put her hand in her little sisters space. Heaven forbid. So she starts screaming for her to stop. She doesn’t. Over and over this keeps going. So being the mom I am, I start yelling. 🤦🏻‍♀️ It’s a horrible habit, but no one is perfect. Now both girls are crying. I start cleaning up dinner. My oldest comes in the kitchen and says “You hurt my heart mommy”.

Enter my broken heart. Completely. Broken. Heart. I drop to the ground at her level and just hold her. Moments like this make being a mommy hard.

Thank goodness not all days are this hard. And really, today wasn’t that bad. But that moment, was horrible. I chose to not let that moment ruin the not so bad day we had. Which was a good thing, because it would have ruined this moment…sitting watching a movie with my girls as they drink their milk before bed.

Are there rough heartbreaking moments as parents? Absolutely. Are there rough heartbreaking days? Oh yes. But that doesn’t mean that every day will be like that, or every moment will be that bad. Being a mommy and a kid are learn as you go experiences. Both of you have never been in that exact moment before. Everyday is new for both of you as a mommy and a kid. Remember that next time you are having a hard time, or your child is having a hard time.

In case you need some encouragement:

Your doing great. Being a mom is hard. But you do it every day. Some days are great some are not so great. And that’s ok. It’s a bad day not a bad life. You got this. You’ve come this far, you can do this day. Take it hour by hour or minute by minute. Whatever it takes, whatever helps you.

You are a good mom.


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