Going Above and Beyond

Like I’ve shared before I am a Nursery Leader in my church. For those of you who don’t know, Nursery is for children 18 months to 3 years old. Getting them ready for Primary. Every other week it’s my turn to teach the lesson. Because they are so young, these lessons do not last very long. Our lessons are on the basics of our church. Nothing complex, again because of their age.

When I was set apart for my calling I can’t remember the exact word that was used but I was told to basically dedicate myself to my calling. Now this is something that honestly I’ve never done. Sure I’ve fulfilled my calling doing what was necessary. But that was it. I never did any more than I had to. This time was different. I have thrown myself into my calling and have gone above and beyond. Not because I have to, but because I want to.

I was feeling kind of silly the other day as I was preparing for my lesson. Our lesson was on The Sacrament helps me think of Jesus. And instead of a coloring page of Jesus I printed out an actual picture of Jesus, seven actually. And then wrote the name of the lesson on the back. Then I laminated them. I was feeling silly because it seemed like a lot of work for Nursery. So I asked my husband if I was going to overboard. His answer made my heart sing. He said “You’re doing it because you love them right?” I answered yes. “Then no it’s not going overboard.”

That made me think to all the people that do handouts for Relief Society or Sunday School. At times it might have seemed like a bit much. But now looking back, they really only did those things because they loved the people they were teaching and wanted them to get the most out of the lesson. Why else would they put so much time and energy into a lesson?

This can be applied everywhere. Not just church. Going above and beyond for someone is an act of love. Doing more than necessary. Acts of service. Notes of Appreciation.

Let’s all make an effort to go above and beyond for the ones we love.


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