Bullying-My Story

So this has been on my mind lately. I’ve shared this before on one of my previous blogs but felt the need to share it again. The campaign to stop Bullying is super close to my heart. I was bullied pretty bad my ninth grade year. And I don’t know what started it. But I remember the feeling all too well. The bullying disrupted not only my life but my whole family.

Like I said I’m not sure what started it, or even when it really started. I was friends with two girls who weren’t in my grade, they were both a grade or two under me. Which probably makes this worse for me, like why couldn’t I just stand up for myself. Any way, being friends we talked about almost everything. Well, I had told them that the company that my dad drove for (He is a truck driver) was getting bought out. Meaning it would have a new name pretty much. Well on the way to school (we all rode the same bus) one of them made an announcement to the whole bus that my dad’s company was being bought out and that she hoped he lost his job.

Why did she feel the need to say that? Probably because they knew it would get to me. Which it did. I stopped sitting by them but the announcements on the bus kept coming. I don’t remember a lot of them, I just know there were many days that I would come home from school and go to the back yard to cry so that my parents didn’t see.

One day they were walking to the bus stop which happened to past my house. My mom was doing my hair and there was a mirror so standing out front of my house they could see my mom doing my hair. They stood there laughing and pointing, and of course that was the talk on the bus that morning. How I was such a baby I couldn’t do my own hair. Fact is, I could. But I enjoyed those moments with my mom.

I’m not sure if that was the last straw or not. I even went to the principal. There was nothing he could do. The bullying started happening in the hallway by my locker. They would intentionally walk by my locker just to make remarks. Thank goodness there was no social media then, because I can only imagine how much worse it could be.

What made it worse, they were also in my ward. In the same Young Women’s. The bullying was happening at church too. I started to not even want to go to mutual (weekly activities for the young men and young women).  It felt like I had no escape.

My mom met with their moms who also did nothing saying I should have known what I was getting into becoming friends with two girls. Because two girls can be friends but three is too many and there are issues.

It got so bad my family took turns driving me to and from school. My Mom, Dad, Grandpa and Grandma all took turns. It was hard for the whole family. Schedules had to be rearranged because I didn’t feel safe to ride the bus. And no one could do anything about that. Let that sink in. I didn’t feel safe. And no one could make it better. Not the principal, my parents, the bus driver. No one.

Luckily I went to High School the next year leaving those girls at a different school and they ended up not coming to my High School at all. So the bullying ended.

I cannot say this enough. Be kind to one another. Be nice. We weren’t put here to make others miserable. If you need information to help someone who is being bullied, or if you are being bullied visit this site.

This is the quote that inspired me to write this post.


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