My Low Key Mother’s Day

I know that most everyone does Mother’s Day big, with big celebrations or gifts. But we do things differently. Bigger does not mean best. What is great for you isn’t always great for someone else.

My Mother’s Day started out with us going to church. Late as usual. I love 9 o’clock church but man it has been hard to get up for. We walked because it is only a block from our house. During our sacrament meeting my oldest went up and sang with the primary for the first time which just made my mama heart so happy. When I went to Nursery, which is my calling. We only had four kids in Nursery so it was a really laid back day and I got a super cute tumbler from the Primary Presidency.

After I got a flower from the Bishopric which they told us to watch live or die in the kitchen, haha. I have been growing other flowers in my kitchen so I have good hope that this one will live too.

We walked back home from church which was way more eventful than walking to church. My youngest was climbing on rocks and fell and smacked her head on the curb causing it to bleed. Luckily another mama that was walking home in the same direction had wipes and a bandaid in her diaper bag. I really need to put bandaids in our bag.

When we got home we had lunch and I was able to take a nap, which never happens. Like, ever. So that was awesome. And it was topped off by my husband doing the laundry as my present.

We ended the day by skyping my mom and then Tim’s mom to wish them a Happy Mother’s Day.

It was a good day.


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