My girls are close in age (22 months apart) and are always by each others side, acting like each other, and copying each other. So I sometimes forget they are 22 months apart.

Now that my youngest is two, we are experiencing the Terrific Twos (also known as the Terrible Twos). And the tantrums that we dealt with my oldest…the ones where you just let them scream and cry it out…have started. They don’t happen often thank goodness, but as I write this we are in the middle of a tantrum that isn’t going to end anytime soon. It doesn’t help that she was just diagnosed with a virus that is similar to Hand Foot and Mouth Disease.

Luckily we are at home. But I have dealt with my fair share of public meltdowns. Ones where they scream until you leave the store. Not because they want something and you said no, but for seemingly no reason. The fun ones…that’s sarcasm.

When little people are overwhelmed by big emotions, it’s our job to share our calm not join their chaos. -LR Knost

That is one of my favorite quotes. One that I wish was shared more often. People don’t realize that children don’t just throw tantrums to be little buttheads. Even when there seems to be no logical explanation for the tantrum, there is. Our job as parents is to help calm them down and solve the problem. Getting upset doesn’t help, even though sometimes it’s a natural reaction to a tantrum. Especially if it’s not the first one that day.

I am no expert when it comes to tantrums and really every kid is different. What works for one will not work for the other. The same goes for each tantrum. What stops one tantrum might not do anything for another one. Tantrums suck. But they don’t last forever. You will get through it.

Good luck, this too shall pass.


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