Life, Mom Guilt

Getting Over Myself

I used to only take pictures/videos of myself if my hair was done and I had make up on. And even then I wouldn’t post any online unless they were what I deemed perfect. I never even thought of taking pictures of how my room/house looked unless it was spotless. I had this misconception that in order to be online in any form you had to be perfect. Never showing any of your problems. A picture of your messy house? No. A picture of you with your hair that hasn’t been washed in two days in a slicked back pony tail? No. Full body picture? No. Even after having kids it just felt wrong. I have so many cute pictures of my girls that no one has seen because there were toys all over the place in the back ground or trash or whatever.

This year I have really stepped out of my comfort zone. And I did it on purpose. At the beginning of the year I made a goal to be in more pictures. Whether it’s by myself, with my girls, with my husband or family. It doesn’t matter how I look. Because once I’m gone those will be all that’s left. And I know that my girls don’t care how I look. They only care that I’m there with them and involved.

It has been so freeing to take pictures and videos without caring what someone else would think if they saw them. I have also posted a lot more pictures too. I really enjoy taking pictures too. I love looking back on photos and remembering the moment especially now that I’m in the pictures.

My advice if you are struggling with the same thing. Just do it. Just take the picture. Just be in the picture. No matter how you look. Because really, the only one who is going to critique the picture is you. Even if you post it to Facebook or Instagram. Other people don’t care how you look as much as you think they do. And if they do, it’s their problem. Not yours. Enjoy being in the photo and making memories and Get over yourself.


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