Gender Reveal!

No, not for me. My (not so little) little brother and his wife are expecting their first child! I don’t think I was ever excited to find out the gender of someone else’s baby until I found out that they were expecting. Also when it came to the party I couldn’t help but ask if I could take pictures of it, because hello I fully believe that you should capture every moment of your pregnancy. Whether it’s your first or your sixth, (or however many kids you end up having.)

I love photography. I haven’t really done much lately because chasing after two kiddos keep me pretty preoccupied, and I haven’t really wanted to go outside either because of the heat. But after taking these pictures it really made me catch the “I love Photography” bug again.

I love how Gender Reveals is such a big thing now. I never really did anything like that with my girls except for with my first a picture of her name in wood letters and a caption that said something like “The secret is out baby Judd is a girl, this is her name.” And for our second I wanted to do something really cute, so I took a picture of me with pink tulle tied around my belly. I also took a picture of big sis with a pink balloon, and the hubster blowing pink glitter. The glitter picture didn’t turn out as great as I wanted, but it is what it is. We never had a party, which is probably because we were in the middle of Wyoming away from both of our families and it just didn’t seem reasonable to do one. But now that they are big I would love to do a big reveal.

Anyway, here are a few of the pictures I took from the gender reveal.


How stinkin’ cute is this!?
Name Suggestions
Pink or Blue?
Team Boy!
Team Girl!
He or She What will it be?
About to pop the balloon.
It’s a Girl!
Surprise! Most everyone thought it was going to be a boy!
They are going to be such great parents!

What do you think? Did you do a gender reveal for your babies? I would love to hear about them!


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