My Cringe List

Everyone has a cringe list. A list of things that make them cringe. A list of things that you just can’t stand. There was a post, well a series of posts, in a mom group I’m in debating over things like Harry Potter, Twilight, TV Shows etc. Of course, drama ensued because of 1. It’s a group of women who all have different opinions. 2. No one likes to be told they are wrong and 3. It’s Facebook. Now don’t get me wrong just because these things make me cringe, doesn’t mean that it should make you cringe. We are all individuals with our own likes and dislikes. And we each have our own opinions.

This is my Cringe List in no particular order.

1. Husband Bashing. No matter how innocent. It just bugs me. “Look how my husband dressed our kid.” “Oh you’re so lucky, my husband would never XYZ.” “My husband is so lazy”. I get it. Husbands can be annoying. But guess what, sometimes they think us as wives are annoying too! It is totally fine to think something about your husband or even discuss it with him. But to bring in a third party, someone who does not have business being in your marriage business, and complain to them. Imagine if your husband was out with his buddies saying mean things about you? You wouldn’t like it. So why do it to him? Just stop it.

2. The Kardashians. Yes, they make me cringe, but also I just don’t get it. I don’t understand why they are famous. Like they don’t do anything special or give anything of value. I tried to like them, I tried watching the show. But I just couldn’t. I don’t understand their “problems” or drama. Maybe if I had tons of money to do whatever with I’d get it? Eh, probably not.

3. Adult Cartoons. Now I don’t mean watching cartoons as an adult. No. I mean cartoons with adult content. I. Don’t. Get. It. A few examples: Simpson’s, American Dad, Bob’s Burgers. Why? Cartoons are for kids. I know that a lot of people enjoy them and think they are funny. I just think they are crude. And I’m probably in the minority. All well. Just my thoughts.

4. Direct Sales/MLM. Now this one is a little bit deceiving. I do not dislike Direct Sales/MLM Companies. I was apart of a couple. No. I dislike the way some of the people go about running their Direct Sales/MLM Business. Sharing their business posts and pitches on their personal Facebook page daily…yuck. Cold Messaging…yuck. I understand that you need to sell something to make money, I get it. But there are other ways to go about it. The ones I actually do like seeing is seeing how well they are doing in their business but I haven’t been messaged about it or seen a promotional post on their page. There are better ways to go about it. If you are in Direct Sales/MLM check out The Tag Team Party Peeps. They will help you be less cringey in your business.

5. Body Shaming. This one really gets me. I’ve had my share of fat shaming done to me. The first time I remember was as a teen I was at the mall looking at prom like dresses for fun and the lady at the store told me they didn’t have anything in “my size”. And really I wasn’t big or anything as a teen. And when I was pregnant with my first my Doctor (who was horrible the whole pregnancy and no longer practicing in that town) called me morbidly obese. And told me to practically diet and not to gain weight…while pregnant. I don’t think anyone should talk down on anyone for their weight. Whether you are big or small. Everyone carries their weight different. Pointing that out to someone doesn’t do anything good. Guess what I don’t need someone to tell me I’m over weight…I already know. It’s not a mystery that needs to be pointed out to me. I’ve never experienced skinny shaming personally but I know it’s there. The world needs to get over the whole “fat is bad, skinny is good” “skinny is best fat is worst” mindset. Weight does not define how good of a person you are.

6. Bullying. I don’t even feel like I need to expand on this because I’ve already told my Bullying Story. But I will say this: Any type of bullying is NOT OKAY. Whether you are saying it to their face, behind their back, on the internet. Just stop. Remember Thumper from Bambi “If you can’t say somethin’ nice, don’t say nothin’ at all.”

7. Fishing for Compliments. This one really gets to me. It usually starts with a compliment like “I think your really pretty.” Which is nice, but before you can say Thank-you they follow up with something like: “So much prettier than me.” That frustrates me. One because it’s obvious you want me to say “No, you are pretty too.” And two because you don’t know how fabulous you already are without having someone to confirm that. I usually do not bite when a that kind of bait comes my way. Because no matter how awesome I think you are I do not feel like it is my job to validate you on that. (That sounded less harsh in my head.) Love yourself, don’t wait for someone to tell you how pretty/talented/good you are. Know that you are pretty/talented/good.

8. One-Sided Friendships. This one is just. Ugh. I have found myself in many of these. On both sides. I have been the one who is always texting/calling/planning and I’ve also been the one who sits back and waits for the text/call/plan. These just drive me bonkers. Both parties need to be all in. I’m not saying you have to talk every day, but make an effort. Be the one to reach out to hang out, or just see how they are doing.

9. Vague-Booking/Needing Likes on Facebook. You either post it or you don’t. Don’t put something like “What a horrible day, could it get any worse!?” And then when someone comments “What happened?”. And you reply “I don’t want to talk about it.” That makes me crazy. All I see when I see Vague posts is “Hey give me attention” “Comment on my post”. Post it or don’t. Don’t make people guess. It might give you attention at first, but people will get bored and soon you’ll have no one “caring” about your post. You don’t need someone to comment/like/share your post in order to feel liked/loved/valued. When I post on my personal account, I do so because I liked something or I want to remember it (Facebook memories or Timehop will remind me of it in a year.) If it gets likes awesome, if it doesn’t awesome. Don’t post anything for other people.


1 thought on “My Cringe List”

  1. Are you in my head?? I can so relate to all of these! Thank you for sharing your list and for making a stand on personal validation. I think we get too wrapped up in posting things for other people that we lose sight of the magic of self expression.

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