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My Happy List

I figured since I showed you the things that make me cringe and don’t like I needed to lighten the mood and show you a list of things that make me happy.

Of course these are in no particular order, because that is way to specific for happiness.

1. Pinterest. Who doesn’t love falling through the Pinterest hole? I personally love it. I love Pinterest. I don’t even know how many boards I have, but I know I have over 6,000 pins. Gasp. Ya, I have over 6,000 pins. I just looked. Maybe I have a problem haha. And yes I know it’s just a bunch of stuff that I won’t buy/make/do, but there are a few things I have made or tried. And even if I don’t make all the things, I still like it.


A preview of my Pinterest Account. Don’t let it fool you with the two months ago. I couldn’t share my most recent because it was a private board. Shhhh.


2. Etsy. I love getting lost in Etsy. I favorite items for later. I have a lot of favorite shops. I pin things to Pinterest from there. I get ideas off Etsy, and buy off Etsy. When my youngest turned one I bought practically everything for her party off Etsy. The vinyl that is in my entryway, hallway and front door I bought off of Etsy. I could spend hours browsing through all the creativeness.


A preview of the app. You can search literally anything on the app.


3. Family. My family is my happy place. After being away from my family for 5 years, I realize how important family is. Now that we are close we do a lot with my family. Every Saturday we go and have lunch with my grandma who is in Memory Care Assisted Living. I look forward to Saturday’s, and so do my girls. I see my mom every day. And if I don’t, we either call/text/Skype. When we lived in Wyoming it was the same we called/text/skyped every day. After losing my Grandpa I really value the time we have together because you never know when you won’t have it anymore.


Family picture from our cruise.


4. Blogging. This makes me happy because I can put all my opinions and feelings into one place. I really enjoy writing. I love getting ideas and just letting them flow into posts. Being a Stay at Home Mom I don’t always get the chance to talk to others. Blogging is my release.

5. Online Shopping. I love to shop online for a few reasons. I get anxiety when I’m in public, it’s getting better but the less time I am in a store the better. I have kids, and shopping with kids is no fun. And having my parents watch them so we can shop also not fun, I can think of so many other things I’d rather do if my parents were watching the girls. I even do the Walmart grocery pick up because I’d rather someone else pick out my food than go into Walmart with my kids who love to fight and scream at the top of their lungs. But of course, you can read more about that here.


Not my picture, but sooo much truth.


6. Crafting. I really miss crafting. Ever since we moved I haven’t been able to, due to it all being in boxes. Now a year after we moved I am starting to get a space for all my crafting stuff. And I can’t wait to do more. I have been able to do some sewing. I made both my girls Minky blankets. I also have a few projects that I’m finishing up that I’ll share once completed.

One of my painted signs. 

7. Listening to Music. I love music. I listen to it all the time. I love to sing and dance, even if I’m not very good at it. I love listening when I’m cooking, driving, and working out. I have a CD player in my girls room that plays music all night for them. Music helps settle them down for bed and sleep all night. I listen to music when I’m happy, sad, or angry. There is music for every mood, and that’s why I love it.


Some of my favorite songs at the moment.


8. Reading Books. Now that I’m a mom reading books had turned into listening to them on Audible. Every once in a while I do read an actual book, because really there is nothing like opening up a book and reading. I used to read a bunch of different genres of books but lately my kick has been self-help type books.


My all-time favorite books, in no particular order.


9. Planning. I am a planner. Planning is so much fun for me. I’ve been a planner since I was little. I wrote out plays and organized them to put them on for the neighbors. Planning birthday parties or any kind of party makes me happy. I love planning the little details, sure the big ones are fun, but the little details tie it all together. I wish there were more things for me to plan. But for now, I’ll stick with planning birthday parties and anniversaries.


10. Photography. I mentioned this a couple of times, but Photography is a love of mine. I love getting out my DSLR Camera and taking pictures. I did try a business a couple of times, once before my oldest was born in Wyoming and I did a lot of pictures for free to build up my portfolio. The other time was down here in Utah. But after having two kids and moving to another state my confidence wasn’t as great and the blog lasted longer than the business. I am a people pleaser and the thought of not being able to make everyone happy with their photos gave me anxiety so I didn’t try. If asked I would do someone’s photos in a heartbeat. I just can’t do it as a business.

My brother and his Wife at their Gender Reveal

I am going to try to share more of the things that make me happy (aka things from this list) on my blog because they make me happy and I love talking about them.

What are some things that make you happy?


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