Back to School!

It’s almost that time! Time for the kiddos to go back to school. I am excited for my oldest to go back to school because that means we go back on a stricter schedule. And she is super excited for her second year of preschool. Last year she went to two preschools and it was rough. It really helped her with her speech delay.

This year she is physically only going to one school. But she is also participating in UPSTART. For those of you who may not know what that is you can learn about it here. It is basically a computer based preschool. Anyways she has already started that which has helped. If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw my post about her being in tears because she couldn’t go to school. Starting UPSTART has helped cure her tears because she loves it.

We have already started prepping for back to school. My oldest went back to school clothes shopping with her Grandma. We got her eyes checked too since she had to wear glasses last year but both pairs were broken by little sis. Her prescription is pretty high and so she has to wear them full time. I’m hoping it won’t be a fight since last year she only wore them at school or church. She also got her very first haircut. It looks great, but her cute little curls are gone. Another back to school tradition that I love, that started when I was little, is getting a Father’s blessing. What better way to start the school year off than with a Priesthood Blessing from your Dad?

One of my other favorite parts of back to school has been and will always be shopping for school supplies. Check out my post about my office supply obsession. It’s real, and back to school time has always been my favorite because of that obsession. There are always sales, and way more office and school supplies out than there normally are. It’s like Christmas to me.

Are you excited for school to start back up? What are your favorite back to school traditions?


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