Swimming Fun!

We went to a client appreciation night at an aquatic center. It was so much fun. We found that the life jackets we got for the girls aren’t great. They put the girls either on their stomach or their back. They might be good for learning to swim but for now, not good.

Also, I’m not the kind of mom who doesn’t get their hair wet. You know the ones who watch from a distance or just wade in the pool. Nope. My hair gets wet. I swim with my kids. I jump in, I dunk my head. Yes, it’s harder afterward because my hair is wet and I have to wrangle the girls and it’s a big thing. But I love swimming. I have ever since I was little. And it’s so much fun being in the pool with them.

Tim and my dad were brave enough to go down the slides. By the time I was working up the courage to do the same it was way too cold. The wind was picking up like it was going to storm.

Leaving wasn’t too much fun because it was so cold, and getting out of the water was horrible. And then in the dressing room/shower/bathroom area, the girls got in the shower they didn’t want to get out because the water was warm. And then they wanted ice cream, but they hadn’t even had dinner yet (my bad).

It was a good time though. I love the summer memories, but really I’m so ready for fall and winter.

What is your favorite season?


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