9/11 Never Forgotten

Today is the 17th Anniversary of the Terrorist Attack on 9/11/01.

As I scroll through social media I can’t help but feel saddened that I don’t see more posts about it. There are more posts about what the President tweeted or did today than there are posts about what happened 17 years ago. I realize that the generation younger than me probably doesn’t remember/wasn’t born yet when the attacks happened. But I remember it. I was only in 7th grade. But I remember.

I remember the fear. That bubble that nothing like that could happen to the United States popped. Not feeling safe. But I also remember that the country came together as one. It didn’t matter what everyone believed in, they came together. Now, in 2018, the littlest thing divides us. People fight over the simplest, stupidest things. They fight over what the President said or tweeted. They fight over a comment on Facebook. We are more divided today than ever. Really America? Is this what we have come to? What happened to that unity? The pride of and for our Country? Maybe I’m out of line, maybe I’m over exaggerating. But really, have we all forgotten?

A couple years ago, I decided that on 9/11 I would watch videos or read articles about that day. Not the terror that happened, but about the people. About the survivors, about the ones who lost their lives, about the heroes. I want to remember those people. I want to remember them because they were people. Their lives mattered. I want to remember the good that came because of that horrible day. Of course, the attack angers me, but I cannot and will not dwell on that anger.

So tell me, where were you?


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